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    First, "Walte" hot melt glue machine to the use of the benefit of customers

    Product performance is stable and reliable, to ensure the stability of daily production;

    Provide a full range of hot melt adhesive spraying solutions  to meet different application requirements;

    The maximum efficiency, enhance the quality of spraying.

    Second"Walte" hot melt machine for customer cost savings, improve the production efficiency

    The overall equipment, supporting the large capacity of the  

     cylinder to save the frequent glue time;

    The overall equipment, the glue stable and uniform, low

     weight continuous and intermittent sizing in the case,

     effectively control the spray size, density and shape, in

     order to achieve stronger composite performance and composite

     strength, the product has better Absorption performance, can

     save glue amount 40% -60%

    Third, "Walte "to artisan spirit to do the product, with the market erparts products more than the following characteristics

    The product adopts the arc frame structure design, the

      snap-on hoarding combination;

    The overall control, the use of touch screen - man-machine


    Overall equipment, built-in insulation function;

    Overall equipment, can be equipped with PT100 and NI120

      sensor models.

    Fourth, "Walte" as a partner to do service (after-sales service system)

    All-weather professional and technical engineering


    Fault Analysis and Solution of "1 - hour Response";

    "4 hours in the province, 8 hours outside the province" 

      service personnel, straight to the scene to solve problems;

    Site service and processing issues through customer

      acceptance, service data archiving.



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    Shenzhen Walte Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd Walter - hot melt adhesive machine equipment manufacturing suppliers, the headquarters is located in Taiwan, Shenzhen, China Industrial zone. The company engaged in hot melt adhesive, coating, adhesive, glue dispensing, equipment manufacturing and R & D equipment, mainly used in disposable sanitary industry, medical industry, packaging industry, coating industry, trademark label industry, furniture industry, automobile industry


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